planterbox of succulents


​​San Francisco Green Spaces is a licensed, full-service landscape design and construction company started in 2008 by Brad Goya. We design, install, and maintain beautiful and sustainable gardens and outdoor spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We take great pride in our plant knowledge and experience, the gratifying relationships we have with our clients, and the high quality construction methods and materials we employ on every project. We look forward to working with you to create your own unique green space!

a row of small trees


Brad Goya, the Principal and lead licensed contractor, has always been passionate about nature and the environment. With design and landscaping, he seeks to provide people with comfortable, stylish, and yet ecologically beneficial outdoor spaces. Such spaces, “green” in multiple ways, allow his clients to engage and connect with the natural splendor we are so lucky to have in the San Francisco Bay Area, literally right in their own backyards! Brad has a bachelor’s degree in Conservation and Natural Resource Studies and a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Design – both from UC Berkeley.